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Vik Muniz talk at Magazzino Art Gallery


Mappa Del Mundo
Vik Muniz’s Mappa del Mondo, after Alighiero Boetti (Pictures of Pigment), 2009. Courtesy of Olnick Spanu Collection, New York.

Guest Lecture: Vik Muniz
May 6, 2018 4pm

Magazzino Italian Art is pleased to announce a presentation and Q&A by internationally acclaimed Brazilian artist Vik Muniz on Sunday, May 6th, 2018 at 4 p.m. A cocktail reception with the artist will follow with a tasting of Sardinian cheeses and Italian wines.

Vik Muniz (b. 1961) will share insights into his art practice, from the beginning of his career to his most recent works, in context with Magazzino Italian Art’s current exhibition Arte Povera: From the Olnick Spanu Collection. On this occasion, the artist’s Mappa del Mondo, after Alighiero Boetti (Pictures of Pigment), 2009, part of the Olnick Spanu Collection, will be on display alongside Boetti’s Mappa, 1983. Muniz’s work will remain on view at Magazzino until Monday, June 4th, 2018.

Vik Muniz’s Mappa del Mondo, after Alighiero Boetti (Pictures of Pigment), is a chromogenic print mounted on aluminum, while Boetti’s Mappa is an embroidery handwoven by native women in Kabul, Afghanistan. In this discourse, Muniz gives the viewer the opportunity to see Boetti’s image in a different format, still aesthetically pleasing, however offering a commentary on the process of creating art itself. Muniz conceives his version by using various colorful pigments; he then photographs the work prior to destroying it, and the photograph becomes the final work.

In the book Fotografia Maledetta e Non (ed. Feltrinelli), 2015, Germano Celant states: Muniz seeks an interlocutory phase, that of a photographic image that exists for itself; a complete form that thrives from its materials’ energy and their informal articulations, which belong to the universe of the unintelligible daily life.

This event is by reservation only. RSVP here.

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