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Vik Muniz at Elba Benitez Gallery


Vik Muniz: Handmade

Thursday, September 14th – November 2017

Entitled Handmade, the exhibition will consist mixed-media abstract works that juxtapose photographic images with physical material, creating abstract image-objects, part trompe l’oeil and part not, that blur the line between physical presence and representational reproduction. Visually convincing while at the same time perceptually confounding, the unique works in Handmade represent a shift in Muniz’s practice, which in the past has consisted primarily of photographs of trompe l’oeil renderings fashioned out of unusual materials (such as chocolate, dirt or bits of paper). At the same time, the work on view forms a coherent extension of Muniz larger, philosophical investigation into the structural nature of representation and of what might be considered the “linguistics” of image-making.

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THURSDAY, SEPT. 14TH, 17 – 22 h
Arte_Madrid galleries opening

SATURDAY, SEPT. 16TH, 11 – 15 h
Brunch at the gallery