Humming Bird
Tweet. Children’s Museum of the Arts, New York, NY. September 24 – January 25.


– a chirp from a bird

– an on-line posting of 140 characters or less

For many the definition of tweet, a chirp from a bird, still has the same kind of

meaning – instant communication that is very brief.

In New York City we witness more and more pedestrians striding through life

with heads buried in gadgets. We tweet, we text, we email on the go. Children

wave iPhones, androids and DS’s from their strollers and car seats. The simple act

of looking around as we go about our daily journey is being lost to an ever more

fragmented and hectic contemporary society.

Tweet asks us to pause, reflect, and remember a simple act that is available to

everyone. Look around you and enjoy the view.

This exhibition presents the work of contemporary artists alongside original

Audubon prints, paintings from CMA’s permanent collection and a changing

participatory work made by visitors. All result from a similar starting point – that of

careful observation of nature, specifically of birds. To identify and study at great and

near distances, with quiet observation and in fleeting moments – this kind of looking

is encouraged by these works.

The exhibition will draw from the work of John James Audubon, Joy Episalla, Gail

LeBoff, Amy Jean Porter, Vik Muniz, Fred Tomaselli, Katheryn Spence, Hunt Slonem,

Emilie Clark, Tamar Mogendorff, Laurel Roth, Nina Boesch, Sarah Hardesty and the

CMA permanent collection.

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