Installation Photo by Jules Malcolmson
Group Show – Somos Libres, MATE

MATE, Asociacion Mario Testino in Lima, Peru, Announces it’s forthcoming exhibition, “Somos Libres”, an exhibition of contemporary art from the Mario Testino Collection, curated by Neville Wakefield in Collaboration with Mario Testino.

Somors Libres opens October 15th, 2013 at MATE in Lima. The exhibition will continue and expand upon the mission statement of MATE, Testino’s cultural institution, Established in 2012, to contribute to Peru’s Cultural landscape.

Somos Libres is presented as a personal journey through this world. It tells the story of one person’s quest to find and then identify themselves in work other than their own. Many of the elements familiar in Testino’s own practice are reflected in the work he collects. Somos Libres presents these works, not in terms of the canons of the new in contemporary art, but for the qualities – freedom of expression, spirit, humor and provocation – that originally captured Testino’s imagination and opened his eyes to them.

Featured Artists:
Miguel Andrade Valdez
Walead Beshty
Dan Colen
George Condo
Rachel Feinstein
Urs Fischer
Douglas Gordon
Keith Haring
Thomas Houseago
Elliott Hundley
Jim Lambie
Nate Lowman
Sarah Lucas
José Carlos Martinat
Paul McCarthy
Vik Muniz
Ernesto Neto
Eddie Peake
Richard Prince
Anselm Reyle
Ugo Rondinone
Sterling Ruby
Thomas Ruff
Julian Schnabel
Steven Shearer
Cindy Sherman
Geerten Verheus

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