Album at Ben Brown Fine Arts Hong Kong

Vik Muniz: Album
January 16th to March 4th, 2015

Ben Brown Fine Arts is honoured to present the second solo exhibition in Hong Kong of new works by Vik Muniz. The exhibition features his recent Album and Postcards from Nowhere series for which the artist obsessively collected vintage photographs and postcards and then shredded and collaged these highly intimate relics to create bold new imagery magnified to a staggering scale. The works offer a meditation on the personal versus the collective, the precious versus the ephemeral, nostalgia and modernity. Muniz is renowned for his ingenious employment of unusual materials, including dust, sugar, chocolate, diamonds, caviar, toys, paper hole-punches, junk, dry pigment and magazine shreds, to reconstruct images that tap into the viewer’s subconscious visual repository and beg for further investigation.

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