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The Kiss – Ministry of Health of Brazil

About 1,200 people gathered on September 20, 2009 to fight against prejudice and stigma of someone who has AIDS. The photographer and internationally renowned artist Vik Muniz photographed each six mosaics formed by about 600 seropositive and solidarity to the cause. A new picture has emerged from several other small. The action is part of the campaign of the World Day to Combat AIDS, 2009, organized by the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis of the Ministry of Health, the Center for Reference and Training and the São Paulo Municipal Program of STD and AIDS Guarulhos and with the support of several local organizations.

The volunteers held colored cards to form pictures of kisses, universal symbol of love and solidarity. This will be the first work of Vik Muniz on HIV / AIDS. The result will be exposed at MASP -Museum of Art Sao Paulo. The photos were taken in the Gym Thomeu Pascoal (Guarulhos / SP).